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XVERSA™ FFS Packaging

Our tubular FFS films and valve bags can be customized with a smooth, an anti-slip or a knurled texture for easy handling and steady palletizing.




En augmentant la concentration du matériel antidérapant dans la surface du film, le coefficient de friction sera également augmenté, ce qui réduira le nombre de glissements.

Texture antidérapante

Un maximum de six bandes de moletage d’une largeur maximale de 60 mm chacune peut être incorporé dans votre paquet. L’augmentation du moletage réduira également le nombre de glissements.


Nous pouvons également fabriquer des tubes à soufflets dotés d’une texture lisse.

Texture Lisse

Ideal packaging for:

  • Commodity Plastics (PE/PP)
  • Specialty Plastics (Ionomers/PVC)
  • Fertilizer
  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Other Granular Products

XVERSA™ tubular FFS films deliver optimal sealing characteristics, high-speed filling efficiency and extreme versatility for a multitude of products packaged with the use of Form, Fill and Seal machinery.

Benefits & Features

  • Multiple film enhancements can be applied to the FFS film during the tubing process
  • Made from a strong and durable 3-layer film containing a proprietary resin blend
  • Easy palletizing made possible due to the shape of the package once filled
  • 8-color print capabilities, including 4-color process-print quality graphics
  • 100% recyclable 100 recyclable
  • Can also be manufactured as individual bottom-sealed bags